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Making it Offical

| Wednesday, June 23, 2010

my new photography postcards came today (thanks Vistaprint!). They have my new prices and information on them. If anyone would like to "book a time" feel free to email my spankin' new email address: amandapeckphotography at gmail dot com (typed it like that for spamming purposes FYI).
Next month is filling up FAST. like in super fast. August is pretty open but September won't be open much at all since I'll be in Utah hopefully most of the month.
If you would like to request a postcard I am willing to send one to you just let me know your address (through email :)) and I'll get one out to you!
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Senior Challenge

| Monday, June 21, 2010
another i heart faces challange. in about 2 weeks i'd would have a lot more to chose from though. haha.
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Fix it Friday Baby edition

| Friday, June 18, 2010
this is my second week doing the I heart Faces fix it friday. i have a lot of fun doing them so you might see more through the weeks.

the above photo is the original photo i had to work with this week and here's my edit for it:

my process:
i added a grunge Polaroid texture with screen mode (sorry can't remember where i got it but it was free ;)) then masked her skin so the grunge wouldn't show up
PW's Seventies Action 100%
PW's Boost Action 100%
PW's Vintage Action 35%
TRA Calire-ify 25%
TRA Pross Crossed #2 15%
PW's bring out the eyes 32%
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Before & After {B} Family

| Thursday, June 17, 2010
I took photos of this cute family today. We met at Hovander Park Gardens and got a few good shots, even in the rain!
here are some before and after's.

and one more of baby {A} with his daddy :)
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I Heart Faces baby challange

| Monday, June 14, 2010

here's my entry for the I Heart Faces baby contest. the sweet reagan and ember.
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Fix It Friday

| Friday, June 11, 2010
I found this blog the other day and i LOVE it. They have a fix it Friday where they give you a SOOC photo that you have to edit. here's what I did. (kinda technical sorry)
edit 1:
PW- Boost 100%
TRA- Claire-ify 86%
TRA- Big Blue 60% (only on top left corner)
Route 66- Crisp Chip- 14%
TRA- Punch-out 100%
TRA- Pross Crossed 2 36%
TRA- Get Faded (Summer) 32%
TRA- Burn-Out 40%
edit 2:
same as above except I add Boutwells Dirty Picture- Mercedes Diamond texture at 80% then erased the texture from their skin.

I hope I did this right, no idea though.
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| Wednesday, June 9, 2010
Here are a few photos from an engagement shoot I did this weekend. It was way to sunny (if there could be such a thing these days). Loved the weather except for the 2 hours i took photos haha.

I hate when I realize how little I actually know about photography so classes here i come!...again
if anyone is interested i used Totally Rad Actions by the Boutwells and their Dirty Pictures Texture plug-in. love them.
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I'm a Big Kid Now!

| Wednesday, June 2, 2010
last night i got a wild hair to make some business postcards. i decided the front should be a picture and the back would have my prices and whatnot. i got a prettttty good deal on them too which is extra nice. these are the ones i chose not to use. I made 3 different ones thinking i could order 25 of each but then only ended up being able to print 100 of the same design. so i chose another one that i won't put up here yet, i want it to be a surprise!

these pictures of the pratt family are probably some of my favorite. and i think it's about time for another photo shoot since that little baby she's holding turns 2 today and there's another little baby now!!

i won't post the backside either yet, i'll wait until the real ones get here. i'm super excited. i hope they print fast!
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