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Fix it Friday #83

| Friday, January 21, 2011
It's fix it Friday again over at I heart Faces. Here are my edits

My first edit

My second edit
Usually I spend a little more time but all I have today is ten minutes so that's what we get I guess haha. It's a bummer because I think there are some cool things that could be done with this photo. But I really have to go, so no recipe since that requires time!
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Fix It Friday

| Friday, January 14, 2011
I haven't done a Fix it Friday for awhile, I was having photoshop issues for a little bit of time but I decided to do one today so here it is: 

Original- SOOC shoot

just a few minor improvements to brighten up the photo
This one is a little warmer and a little funkier. 

 Head on over to I Heart Faces to see more edits of this photo

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Instagram Fun!

| Sunday, January 9, 2011
If anyone has an iPod or iPhone I would suggest this free app called Instagram. It's an app for your iPod's camera that allows you to edit your photos with some pretty cool effects instantly. Then you are able to save them in your device and upload them (if you choose) to Facebook or twitter etc... all with just a few clicks. I LOVE this app. and I have used it almost everyday since I got it a couple months ago. The last few years I've tried to do project 365, where you take a photo everyday and print them and journal about that day...well needless to say, I've never completed it, I got to May once but got too behind in my organizing to complete it. But this is a little different and WAY easier. I just take a photo with my ipod which is always with me and edit it right then and there, save it with the date and it uploads easily to my account where I can access it anytime. Usually I have too many photos from one day to chose which one I want for my photo of the day so I think I can actually complete project 365 in 2011! I'm really excited for this. To be able to look back on my year in photos will be pretty cool.

(The photo above is from last Thursday when I was at the Mt. Baker Theater for their production of Wizard of Oz, it's the cool ceiling above the theater seating)
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