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Adriana & Michael Engagement

| Monday, February 23, 2009
I was asked to take pictures for an old friend from High School. Adriana and Michael met their junior year (my senior yr) in English class. It was a joke between a few of us and Adriana that Michael was kinda goofy and a know-it-all but now we know he's a nice guy. So a couple "bathroom books" and scrabble games later they are engaged. In a few months time I'll have pictures from their wedding but for now here are some engagement photos:

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In Honor of my New 50D

| Sunday, February 8, 2009
I made this blog so I can post my pictures here instead of crowding my other blog with long picture-y posts. I don't know if I should just start from here on out or post old pictures. I might do a combo of both. We'll see.
I want to be a photographer when I "grown up" so any and all critiques are appreciated.
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