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Heading Out

| Friday, August 27, 2010
so I mentioned in my last post that I was packing. I am heading to Utah for a few weeks! My brother is going into the MTC for his mission to Santiago, Chile.

Now here are a few photos from the very quick photo shoot I did last night with some friends. Their family has this amazing barn that is my new favorite place to take pictures!

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Fix it Friday #68

I haven't done a fix it friday in a long time. i've been so busy so today before i start my packing and craziness I thought I'd do one last FIF for the next couple weeks (unless where i'm going has wireless? hopefully). so below is the original image:
here's my first edit:

and my second edit:

and just to compare i did the side by side thing. i love photoshop! and I Heart Faces!
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JJ Squared

| Thursday, August 5, 2010
So blogger has it out for me i swear! I've tried 4 different times to get these pics uploaded and they just don't work! so I was able to get 2 photos uploaded if you would like to see more you could head over to my facebook group page ;) i'm still trying to figure out how to use that group stuff but i'm getting there.

these are from my aunts wedding on bainbridge wedding a few weeks ago. the lighting was terrible but we made it work. sun isn't the best photography tool around.
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