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{M} Graduates!

| Wednesday, November 17, 2010
My cousin Mariah is a senior this year so she needed some senior pics. We had decided to do them today but then the morning was just dumping rain so we thought we were gonna cancel. Then the rain stopped so it was back on. Then it started raining again....well by the time she got here it had stopped raining and the sun came out a little bit. PERFECT day for pictures. It was overcast for the most part and the sun down by the water was wonderful. The only downside...FREEZING cold. Poor Mariah wasn't dressed for warmth. But I think it was worth it we got some good shots in! Let's hope the weather forecast is wrong wrong wrong and it doesn't snow this week!

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{M} Family

| Thursday, October 7, 2010
This past weekend I got to take pictures for this cute family. We went all over downtown (which seems to be my go-to place) and Elizabeth Park. It was the PERFECT day, it was cloudy, not windy and not too cold. Plus their daughters are completely adorable and smiled the WHOLE TIME. such genuine smiles for every picture. I always take a lot of the same pose because people love to blink but there was probably only 2-3 photos where someone was blinking so I had a lot to choose from!

Thank you guys! I'm working on getting your CD done tonight!

If you would like to book a session it's the perfect time of year and the trees are amazing right now. Also if you chose one of my packages take $10 off your total price for the month of October! Just email me: amandapeckphotography at gmail dot com (spamming purposes it's typed like that).
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Heading Out

| Friday, August 27, 2010
so I mentioned in my last post that I was packing. I am heading to Utah for a few weeks! My brother is going into the MTC for his mission to Santiago, Chile.

Now here are a few photos from the very quick photo shoot I did last night with some friends. Their family has this amazing barn that is my new favorite place to take pictures!

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Fix it Friday #68

I haven't done a fix it friday in a long time. i've been so busy so today before i start my packing and craziness I thought I'd do one last FIF for the next couple weeks (unless where i'm going has wireless? hopefully). so below is the original image:
here's my first edit:

and my second edit:

and just to compare i did the side by side thing. i love photoshop! and I Heart Faces!
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JJ Squared

| Thursday, August 5, 2010
So blogger has it out for me i swear! I've tried 4 different times to get these pics uploaded and they just don't work! so I was able to get 2 photos uploaded if you would like to see more you could head over to my facebook group page ;) i'm still trying to figure out how to use that group stuff but i'm getting there.

these are from my aunts wedding on bainbridge wedding a few weeks ago. the lighting was terrible but we made it work. sun isn't the best photography tool around.
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Fix it Friday #64

| Friday, July 30, 2010
it's Fix it Friday time again!
the above is the original image and below are my two edits.

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I heart Faces Purple Challange

| Monday, July 26, 2010
heres a picture from my aunts wedding on saturday. i usually don't do the selected color thing but i thought i liked it with this photo. that is her daughter putting her shoe on her.
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Fix it Friday #63

| Friday, July 23, 2010
here's the fix it friday original photo for the week over on I heart Faces.
here's my first color edit

and my 2nd black and white edit.
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Over my Head contest

| Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I Heart Faces is having another contest. i'm not sure if this really qualifies as "over my head" but i'm ok with that. i think it fits just right. i actually have some plans for photos this weekend that might better fit the theme but by then it will be too late :(.
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Fix It Friday #62

| Friday, July 16, 2010
It's that time of week again! I just got back from camp and although I actually kind of miss it, it's nice to have my computer back ;). I might have to try the "unplugged" life more often though. the above photo is the before and these two are my afters:

i usually write out what i did but i'm way too exhausted to think about it. i meant to still be asleep right now but my body has other plans. i guess i'm getting ollllld....although today IS my birthday! happy 23rd bday to me!
can you say over the hill much?!
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Fix it Friday teen edition #2

| Friday, July 9, 2010

It's time for Fix it Friday again! the above image is the before (i did not take this photo)

and below are my afters:
i love using color actions on black and white, i think it gives it a fun dimension. here's what i did for this one:
Boost 100%
Sunshine 16%
Seventies 74%
PW B&W 100%
Punch-Out! 100%

Burn out 5%
Punch-Out! 32%
Seventies 100%
Boost 100%
Pross Crossed #2 16%
Sunshine 34%

All Actions are PW or TRA
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Making it Offical

| Wednesday, June 23, 2010

my new photography postcards came today (thanks Vistaprint!). They have my new prices and information on them. If anyone would like to "book a time" feel free to email my spankin' new email address: amandapeckphotography at gmail dot com (typed it like that for spamming purposes FYI).
Next month is filling up FAST. like in super fast. August is pretty open but September won't be open much at all since I'll be in Utah hopefully most of the month.
If you would like to request a postcard I am willing to send one to you just let me know your address (through email :)) and I'll get one out to you!
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Senior Challenge

| Monday, June 21, 2010
another i heart faces challange. in about 2 weeks i'd would have a lot more to chose from though. haha.
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