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Baby Jordyn, Deranged Goose & Alphabet Soup

| Thursday, March 11, 2010
my cousin had a baby in January so one day i brought my camera over to take her pics but only got 4 because they had to leave early :( so this was pretty much the only one that turned out.

baby Jordyn yawning. awww

i took Shelley to the park yesterday to work on my new project and this goose attacked us. seriously it put it's head down and started running at us. hahaha i guess you had to be there but it freaked me out at the same time it was hilarious. They are not nice animals and they have TEETH. i never knew it. it followed us around the WHOLE park and to my car, he wouldn't leave us alone. i named him Aslan.

and finally this strange picture is the letter J in my alphabet project. i take photos of things "out in the wild" that look like letters then use it to make words. So far I have a J...that's it haha. I'll work on it and update later.
so this was random but i felt bad for not updating this blog for a long time.
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