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| Friday, October 9, 2009

yesterdays photo of the day is from a photo shoot i did with a family in the morning. unfortunately yesterday was a very sunny day and that's not always best with photos so we made it work. i chose these pictures b/c this was some old weird statue we found on the WCC campus we were trying to figure out what it was but couldn't. oh well.
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i'm playing catch up today i suppose it's been a busy couple days. on wed. i had to come up with something to teach about photography...well i didn't really plan anything so i just had them ask questions and it ended up being pretty lame but in all that time i guess i forgot to take a real picture of the day. this was a practice picture to get my settings back on track but it's a picture right! whatever the 7th will just be a throwaway day i guess.
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| Wednesday, October 7, 2009
i tired to post this last night but my internet went down right as i got on dangit. oh well it's not very cool. i need to start taking picture when there's daylight. maybe i'll try that today.
this is my CTR ring. i'm running out of things inside to take pictures of.
tonight i'm "teaching" about photography to the YW group at church...i have no idea what i'll say or do but that's what i'm going to figure out now. yikes. i don't know what to do!!!!!
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| Monday, October 5, 2009
is this what i look like when i take pictures?! GOSH. look at that weirdo face i make. sorry to whoever has had to deal with that before. maybe since i don't wear mascara this is the earths way to make me make funny faces without meaning to. (you know how girls make weird faces when they put that stuff on their face? it's not intentional but you can't help it). anyways i decided to take a picture in the window reflection but that's not the picture of the day this is,
it's an old coke bottle crate my mom has. i ran a dirty picture texture on it for fun. weirddddd pictures i am taking for this project. whatever at least i'm following through with something.
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| Sunday, October 4, 2009
I love spiderwebs. a lot of people are creeped out by spiders but i don't mind them. of course i don't want it crawling on me but if i see one in the house i'll catch it and release it back to the "wild".
today i was going to pick shelley up and saw this on my deck so i grabbed my camera when i got home and took some pictures. there were bigger and better ones a few weeks ago but i didn't take pictures...:(

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| Saturday, October 3, 2009

Today's random image is of a blanket i'm knitting. that's what i get for waiting until late to take a picture...again. oh well. i just saw the movie whip it. it was pretty darn funny but i can't take pictures of a movie so this will have to do. i think i screwed up the settings on my camera yesterday so i'll have to figure it out before i take senior pics for a friend tomorrow :\
also, it's pretty cold around these parts (my house) since i guess it's against our religion to turn on the heat before Oct. 31st. so maybe i'll knit some arm/hand warmers to make knitting a little less cold.
p.s. sorry you have to put up with this random junk i won't be offended if you point and laugh at me.
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| Friday, October 2, 2009

here's todays kinda creepy picture of the day. it's a half dead dill flower with a creepy ladybug hanging out on it. i'm doing good on this project so far. but it's only day 2.
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Oct. Project

| Thursday, October 1, 2009
SOOOOOOO i haven't posted in awhile that doesn't mean i haven't taken pictures though, quite the opposite actually i just don't have time to post the thousands of pics. i have taken but maybe I'll catch up eventually (longest run on sentence much?!). on to why i posted today. i decided 12 minutes ago to do a photo-a-day project for October since it's my favorite season. my plan is to take a picture everyday and post it here...some days i might not have time to post but I'll for sure take a pic. each day. i took two tonight b/c i wanted to. these aren't anything special AT ALL but it was what i could find at 10:30.

a random chalkboard....? ok this will be an interesting project i guess

and my 45 adapter necklace that kinda looks like the light fish from finding nemo a little bit.

well i kind of promise the other pictures will be better....?! hopefully.

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